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Ellen attended Lasell College and studied Art and Photography. With a background in contemporary art and jewelry design, Ellen excels at combining color palettes, textures, and anything from around your house to create an intimate space that feels like home. 


Gordon attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and studied Natural Resource Conservation. Gordon's expertise in sustainability allows his elaborate garden designs to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also self sustaining. 

Our Mission

Our love of combining different media together led us into the world of garden design. We use a unique combination of textures and color palettes including flowers, stones, and other organic materials to create a space that suit the wants and needs of our clients. 


Garden design is a creative and specialized way to both give back and beautify the community. When creating a new space, we incorporate an environmentally responsible design by selecting low maintenance and self sustaining products and plants. As climates changes, it is important to select plants that require fewer resources, something we always consider in our designs. 


E&G Garden Design incorporates a vast selection of plants with a focus on native species prevalent in the local climate. This is vital in creating aesthetically pleasing and thriving spaces. 

-Ellen and Gordon Kaufman

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What We Do

From small country cottages to large suburban estates, we imagine and execute designs for projects of all sizes and budgets. 


At E&G Garden Design, we understand the importance of small businesses, which is why we purchase most of the products from local sources and vendors.

E&G Garden Design is certified to operate and is fully insured.

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